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The Prosthetics Event

The Prosthetics Event 2023

The Prosthetics Event 2023

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This is an e-ticket product.

We’re at capacity and excited to have a full house!

If you’ve missed out there’s a waiting list running, please email to join it.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a ticket for the #TPE2023 ride, we can’t wait to see you on November 18th!

A General Admission Ticket grants you admittance to fully access The Prosthetics Event, 2023 edition, on the 18th of November, at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

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  • Conditions of Sale

    Full text HERE (click link).

    - This year's Event tickets are digital ONLY (a.k.a. an e-ticket). You will receive instructions on how to download and/or print your ticket after you buy it. It is your responsability to present a functioning mobile device with the digital ticket at the time of check-in on the day of the Event. Alternatively you can also present a printed version of your e-ticket.

    -Do not share your own ticket with someone else by any means. Your e-ticket has assigned a unique code and on the day of the Event, once signed-in/scanned on entrance, it can not be used again. Records are kept of the original purchaser and any person(s) the ticket might be re-assigned to.

    -Purchase of a ticket does NOT guarantee a seat for any talk at any of the Event's stages. Some lectures are highly sought, and queues form early. For Legal and Health and Safety reasons, under no circumstance will the capacity of any venue be exceeded. Further info on our FAQ's.

    -Tickets cannot be refunded, exchanged or resold via ticketing platforms. You can, however, re-assign the holder of the ticket to someone else of your choosing. Instructions to do this will be available once you purchase the ticket.

    - Bringing kids? Full info HERE(click link).

    - Under 18 years of age? Full info HERE (click link).

  • + Info

    Clear most of your doubts below by checking our FAQ's and how to visit the venue on the day of the event.

    FAQ's (click link)

    Directions/Location (click link)