Gary Archer is the owner of G.A.Enterprises, an offshoot of A.A.Dental Laboratories, now joins forces with Bitemakers offering his extensive 30+ years experience within the FX/dental film industry. Gary has been a practicing dental technician for 40 + years and is the Godfather of FX teeth in the U.S and beyond, with over 300 film credits to his name. Gary is widely recognised and respected in the FX industry, working with award winning industry professionals such as Stan Winston, Greg Cannom, Howard Berger, Matthew Mungle and many more, not to mention the large list of Hollywood A-listers that have relied on Gary's services. We are proud to offer our combined services across the whole of the U.S UK, Ireland and Europe.

Dominic Mombrun is a traditionally trained dental technician who also offers a wealth of experience in the field of digital dentistry. He proudly brings his collective knowledge to the FX industry, with his company Bikemakers and partner Gary Archer. Dominic established Bitemakers in 2017 but only started getting international exposure after joining forces with Gary Archer in 2020.
Within a short period of time , Dominic has already been a part of large and well-known TV and film franchises from Marvel to Dr who, and has his teeth appearing in a vast array of films from Tim Burton productions to Alex Garland.