Sangeet Prabhaker, distinguished special makeup effects artist and filmmaker, began his career as a freelance prosthetics artist in 2003, collaborating with industry giants such as Millenium FX and Creatures Inc. Today, he operates @studiosangeet, a boutique prosthetic makeup design studio nestled in the southern English countryside, just far enough from London.. 

His recent accomplishments include contributions to renowned projects like Dune, Willow, and the anticipated A Thousand Blows. Sangeet's expertise extends across various platforms, from film, TV, stage, and print to museum and art gallery exhibitions. Passionate about sharing his insights and techniques, he conducts both online and in-person workshops, a legacy continued from previous appearances at TPE events in 2016 and 2017.

Sangeet is a pioneering artist with a darker skin tone in the prosthetics world, lending his unique perspective to the craft. His forthcoming demonstration will unveil an application of aging makeup on medium/dark skin tones using conventional materials, alongside his innovative prosthetic line, @fromlifeprosthetics, and favoured products. Join us to be inspired by Sangeets transformative artistry!