Todd began his 40+ year career working for Ted Turner and American cable giant TBS in Atlanta, Georgia as Unit Production Manager for the TBS Show Unit. From there Todd moved to LA in the early 1980s and went on to wear many different hats, including those of writer, producer, director, actor, animator, visual effects artist, and educator. He’s worked on projects for Walt Disney Animation, Walt Disney Pictures Television, Samuel Goldwyn Television, Paramount, Cannon Films, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and Twentieth Century Fox Television including Die Hard 2; Contact; Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves; My Favorite Martian; Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects; Captain Phillips; Batman & Robin; and JAG. Todd is probably best known for his book Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen, considered by many to be the ‘bible’ of the makeup effects industry. The much anticipated 4th edition will be released justbefore Christmas, 2023. He also does a podcast with his pal Stuart Bray called Battles with Bitsof Rubber. These days Todd makes his home in Colorado.